The Bard GEOTEC® Geothermal/Water Source Packaged Heat Pump delivers economical year-round comfort by utilizing nature’s most abundant and efficient solar energy collector – the earth. The GV Series heat pumps are designed for low water flow rates and offer cooling efficiencies up to 30.2 EER and heating efficiencies up to 5.1 COP on ground water, and cooling efficiencies up to 26.2 EER and heating efficiencies up to 3.9 COP on ground loop.

All units are shipped prewired for fast, easy installation in residential or commercial buildings. They are available in five popular, vertical, self-contained models. Left hand or right hand option in same cabinet. Unit shipped as right hand and can be field converted to left hand.

Unit installs upright and hooks up conveniently to supply water system. Ideal for closet, basement, or utility room installation. Requires very little floor space. Can be installed with or without return air duct.
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Item #

Cooling Full Capacity Ground Loop 77F

Heating Full Capacity Ground Loop 32F

Cooling Full Capacity Ground Water 59F EWT

Heating Full Capacity Ground Water 50F EWT

Shipping Weight

N/A 26600 Btu/hr N/A 20200 Btu/hr N/A 26600 Btu/hr N/A 26200 Btu/hr N/A 340 lb
N/A 38500 Btu/hr N/A 31400 Btu/hr N/A 41400 Btu/hr N/A 38600 Btu/hr N/A 345 lb
N/A 49500 Btu/hr N/A 39500 Btu/hr N/A 53500 Btu/hr N/A 49500 Btu/hr N/A 390 lb
N/A 60500 Btu/hr N/A 49000 Btu/hr N/A 65500 Btu/hr N/A 62500 Btu/hr N/A 440 lb
N/A 69500 Btu/hr N/A 57000 Btu/hr N/A 75500 Btu/hr N/A 73500 Btu/hr N/A 450 lb
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